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Shopping Centre Entertainment

Larf Productions have available a large variety of entertainment options to suit any size centre and budget.

We recognise the importance for a shopping centre to give back something to their shoppers as loyalty to their patronage. We also understand that you are working with very tight budgets and therefore have put together some entertainment packages that not only cover all the Calendar events such as Christmas, Easter, Seniors week, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and school holiday periods but also offer options for Sale Days and on-going entertainment solutions.

We understand that getting as much out of your budget as you can is the best desired outcome. Please contact us with your budget and a list of events you would like covered and we will be glad to put together an entertainment program for you that is full of interesting and fresh idea's and gives you the best value for your money.

The presence of the entertainment provided to your centre will NOT go un-noticed by your shoppers and they in turn will reward you with higher sales.

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